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Not all transformations are about loosing weight or losing numbers on the scale.

Seeing my clients transform their lives, their unhealthy habits, their body, mind & more importantly their whole outlook on life is what keeps me motivated day in and day out. Every single person has their own unique journey and their own goals & I love that I am able to be apart of this.

The HDPT team is continuously growing with an abundance of people ready to make the transformation & changes they have always wanted!

Check out some of my clients AMAZING results and hear what they have to say about their HDPT experience!


What can I say about Hannah Dales that has not already been said from countless other clients of hers……Well just the fact that so many people say so many positive things about Hannah is just a real testament to her and just how phenomenal she is.

I have used a number of different personal trainers in the past and all have been very good at what they do, BUT what sets Hannah Dales apart from the rest is not just her ability to train you and train you hard which, trust me she will do….always with a big smile! (which I think is because she enjoys putting us through the pain). It is her ability to really find what it is that is best for you, your body and she genuinely cares about you and helping you reach your goals no matter what they are.


Hannah has been there for me every step of the way with my health & fitness journey, from answering simple or difficult questions about nutrition, to sending updates on how to up my training or always being there giving encouragement…even when we are not doing a PT together she is always there with positivity and support .For me personally the biggest thing I have taken away from Hannah is my addiction with what the scales say. I would weigh myself daily and be so focused on what the scales said to me no matter how big or small the change. Hannah has helped show me what is really important and that is to feel fit, strong and healthy.


“It is a beautiful thing when a career & a passion come together”

This is so fitting for Hannah because she is so incredibly passionate with her work, her clients and her passion for health and fitness is so inspiring!

Thank you Hannah for everything you have done and continue to do for me


My first message to Miss HDPT was 8/6/16 asking if she was taking on anymore clients, I was extremely hesitant and nervous. I have always had male trainers as i was so intimidated by females and what they would think about me, but how wrong was I!!! Hannah is the most caring and supporting trainer i have ever had, she has helped me reach goals and she has also been there when i fall off the wagon and need a kick up the butt. I train with HDPT 3 times a week and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Our sessions are always a lot of fun and a lot of hard work but we are always laughing (mostly at me dying). She pushes me hard but she is also my friend when i need a moment to clear my head and have a cry. So thank you Hannah for everything you do for me.. you are my friend, trainer and fitspo xxx


 I have struggled with my weight for my entire adult life & whilst I am definitely still trying to find my feet in this new world of a healthy balanced lifestyle there is no way I could have achieved what I have so far without the support of Hannah!! I of course initially felt self conscious & uncomfortable when starting this journey however after meeting with Hannah I honestly felt at ease and so so comfortable. Hannah helps to keep me on track & never judges when I have a bad week and fall off the rails. I now look forward to every PT session & even though they can be super tough (and fun all at once) it is even more rewarding once it's done!! 


1 year ago I walked into my first PT session with HDPT.  It was an unfamiliar, scary and overwhelming experience, however it has been one that has changed my life in unimaginable ways. Prior to my first session I was overweight, self conscious and suffering severe anxiety. I walked out of that first session and had to wipe the tears off my face. Never in my 24 years did I think I would cry after exercising because I was happy. Yep that's right I was crying because for once in my life I felt supported not judged, I felt strong not weak, I felt lighter and excited to reach my goals. Hannah has been my rock through my weight loss journey. HDPT has changed not only my physical appearance but completely transformed my mental health. I am now down over 15kgs and look forward to my sessions every week. I now walk into every session with so much confidence and determination. I laugh, cry and dance my way through every session and couldn't be happier.


My journey with Hannah started 8 months ago with a short 30 minute PT. I walked out of that PT believing I could never go through that again however I did book in again just based on the positive and inspiring nature of Hannah. The second session was no easier and to be honest 8 months on it isn't any easier but that is exactly why I love my HDPT sessions. My physicality and fitness has grown and Hannah has pushed me and more importantly understood my body and has taken both my cardio and strength fitness to a level I would never of imagined. That first 30 minute PT changed my life. It was my worst 30 minutes of exercise however also my most important. Hannah created a love of fitness within myself and pushed me past personal goals as opposed to limiting me to them. Her knowledge and concept of training is physical and demanding but most importantly rewarding. Since training with HDPT I am 20kgs down and stronger than ever. It takes a special type of trainer to change your outlook on your body and help you believe in yourself. HDPT does that. Hannah makes you believe that your impossible is not only possible but achievable.


I remember doing my first HDPT session back in 2015 and what can I say, it was the best booty session I have ever done. HDPT taught me to be confident in my body and to love my self more. HDPT has made me more determined than ever to chase my goals. #HDPT4LIFE.

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