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A Little About Me 

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I am a  Personal Trainer, brand ambassador, motivator and Women's health advocate rom Brisbane, Australia & I currently run my own Personal Training business – HDPT, out of ‘HIIT Australia’ at Capalaba.


Ever since I can remember I have been active. I live and breathe a healthy lifestyle and love nothing more than being able to share my knowledge & passion with my face to face clients and those around me.

I grew up playing every sport under the sun along side my older brother & sister.  Swimming, rugby, netball, softball, touch football, you name it, we played it. Some on a social level and some at a higher representative level.

Our weekends were spent travelling from each of our games and week nights were spent at training. It might seem like a lot for a young child, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way as this is where my love for being fit and healthy stemmed from. I learnt teamwork, discipline, leadership and many other life skills. I learnt about nutrition and fuelling the body correctly so I could perform the best I could, and the list goes on.

It wasn’t until after high school, into my late teenage years that I really started taking my fitness to the next level. I was stuck in an office job where I was bored out of my brain. I wanted to study and I wanted to help people but I couldn’t quite decide what exactly I wanted to do. I was also SCARED to take the plunge and do something for my future and myself. After weeks of doubting myself I finally did it, I enrolled in my Personal Training course and I have not looked back. It was honestly the best decision I could have made.

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Since finishing my studies, I have spent my days training clients, motivating them, listening to them, pushing them, laughing with them, being their shoulder to cry on, and most of all helping them to become a happier and healthier version of themselves. I have found my passion!

To see a person change for the better and truly realise their self-worth is why I love my job so much.


My love for the industry grew more and more which led me to push myself that little bit further and register for my very first bikini competition. A world I knew nothing about!
In May 2014 I competed in my first INBA comp in the bikini division and much to my surprise I came 4th. I then continued on in my journey and competed at the ANB Asia Pacific International show where I placed 1st in the bikini short class.

I then had a season off and decided to compete again a year later in 3 more shows – WBFF Gold Coast where I had no placing, I then competed in the ANB Asia Pacific International show again and placed 4th, then I finished my season off with NABBA/WFF, where I placed 1st!
I learnt so much about the body and how to maintain a strong and positive mind set throughout this time which I believe has helped me and my business excel even more.

As much as I loved getting up on stage, I decided to hang up my bikini and focus more on HDPT & my clients.

After all the years of being in the industry, expanding my knowledge and continuing to learn more and more about training and nutrition, I can finally say I have found a healthy balance and am able to maintain this lifestyle all year round, which is something I love to help other women achieve.


Along with this, I also pride myself in teaching women how to have a positive mind set and outlook towards themselves as well as helping them see the beauty from the inside rather than spending every waking moment worried about having a rippling 6 pack or a perky booty.  

I am so passionate about helping people along in their health and fitness journey and I cannot wait to continue to do so all around the world!

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