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Do you want to increase your strength, shape & grow your glutes to be rounder, stronger and more firm and create the curves of the body you've always dreamt of all while burning calories, learning new exercises and having fun at the same time?


Then this 8 week gym based booty program is for you!  


Whats included?

  • 2 x 4 - week gym based workouts with 3 sessions per week
  • Finishers with every session to really get that booty burning
  • My top tips to getting the most out of the 8 weeks
  • Information on warming up & stretching
  • A tracking sheet to keep you accountable over the 8 weeks and to track your progress
  • Glute anatomy - what are each of the glute muscles used for
  • A full glossary of exercies with beginner options to help you understand your workout better


Once the Ebook is purchased you will receive the download link. Please download and save to your device (if using an iPhone- Download and click "Copy to iBooks" to save in your library so you can access it at anytime!) 


NOTE: This link can only be downloaded once to one device.

8 Week Guide to Stronger Glutes

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